Vinyl Pack & Turntable Floor Display

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Vinyl Pack & Turntables

25 Records Retail: $26.98 ea / $674.50 Total

4 Turntables Retail: $69.95 ea / $279.80 Total
Victrola Portable Bluetooth Turntable Built-in stereo speakers for listening to records. Can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker.
3-speed 33 1/3, 45 and 78RPM
2 each of black and turquoise.
Included Turntables are sold in a retail package that is easily stackable next to record display.
Non-traditional retailers* are driving a significant percentage of vinyl sales Urban Outfitters has been the leading vinyl retailer for several years
Barnes & Noble is a leading retailer for vinyl sales
Target recently expanded vinyl into all locations (1800)
Wal-Mart is expanding vinyl presence chain wide
Whole Foods and other grocery outlets now offer vinyl selection

*Music is not their primary product line.

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